Happy New Year.. Again!

You might be wondering, what am I talking about?

Around this time every year (though this year was fairly early) is the start of a new lunar calendar year.  So Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year!

This weekend was spent with family, lots of food and of course, red envelopes.  Definitely more festive than standard January 1 parties.

Work has been slow to ramp up this year since we just released back near Christmas.  We’ve been mostly working on SRED reports – SRED reports are documents explaining specific projects that may be eligible for research and development credits from the Canadian government – in this case, my Truss Thickness project.  It was quite difficult to remember exact specifics of what we researched over the last few months, but luckily I had notes and code snippets from my process work.

Other than that, I just started my newest project which sounds pretty simple but should be a huge quality of life upgrade for our users.  I cannot divulge details, but I am confident it will be well-liked by our users!

Hopefully by the next blog post, I’ll have some concrete work done in C#/.NET!  Keep an eye out!


Passionate computer scientist, avid swimmer, big nerd.

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