Happy New Year!

Wow, it’s already 2017.  It feels like just yesterday I was putting on my graduation gown and walking down the aisles of Convocation Hall.  How time flies.  Naturally many things have happened during this time, both ups and downs.

On the technology side of things, I regretfully haven’t been able to make many contributions lately to Mozilla due to the fact I have been out of the country for the holidays.  Now that I am back, I have been busy with graduate school applications and building connections with recruiters and HR professionals.  To top everything off, the end of December marked the release of CAST Software’s bi-yearly release of wysiwyg and Vivien 2017!  It was a race to the finish dealing with minor left-over bugs, but the satisfaction of having it completed and in the hands of customers before the holidays was rewarding.

My particular project, Truss and Pipe Thickness, was the focus of my efforts these last few blog posts.  I wasn’t really able to reveal it for privacy reasons obviously, but now that it’s public knowledge we’re good to go.  Basically in previous releases, truss (think metal bars that are used to hang lights and other stage equipment off) was drawn in CAD with straight lines.  Obviously this is inaccurate since real 3D objects are not 2D lines.  The implemented thickness is first defaulted to what the truss manufacturer specified in their documentation, but users are able to change the thickness to whatever they desire if necessary.  The truss in CAD then gains “thickness”, visually allowing users to see the equipment as if it were on real schematics.  This feature was highly requested for many releases and several competitors have something similar.  This should put us back up on top, considering we have many other features this release too.  Yay!

On another note, I have been learning C#/.NET as a side project.  My goal is to relocate to Chicago, Illinois at some point working within the financial technology sector.  Having the .NET experience will not only give me a broader skill set, but also provide me with a sought-after ability in the field.  I will likely post some projects I work on here on the blog, so keep your eyes open!



Passionate computer scientist, avid swimmer, big nerd.

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