November Update

Hey everyone, another busy month behind us.

Just in time to celebrate American Thanksgiving!  And yes, I will be in the States during this time (I won’t share an opinion on the recent USA presidential election) to get some time away from my busy schedule back home.

Last month was a hectic one – we recently released our Wysiwyg R38 Closed Beta and are currently working on implementing the feedback we gathered.  Many of the new features I developed over the past few months are being revamped and updated, so we have a lot of great things in store.  It is so exciting to see an idea grow into a feature that people happily report back as “great” or “very useful”!  Being able to provide quality services and software to users everywhere has always been one of my main driving forces.

Having said that, sometimes I think back to all of the work I completed in university and just how much I enjoyed pushing the limits of my own understanding only to spend hours online learning more.  It is because of my desire to learn more that I have begun searching and applying to graduate level computer science programs.  After having been given a taste of the world of technology, I want more.  Having an income is always great, but I strongly believe individual development to be the key focus of my youth.

Interns!  Potential interns have started flocking in as the PEY (Professional Experience Year) application season draws close.  It has only been 6 months and we are already looking to replace our current interns with fresh ones (fresh meat!).  I hope to be given the opportunity to participate in the interviews – this time on the opposite side of the desk!


Passionate computer scientist, avid swimmer, big nerd.

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