Long Time Update

Wow, it’s been nearly a whole month since I last wrote – so many things have been happening.

Work started to pick up a bit and comparing the projects to when I was an intern, it is definitely more a challenge.  Instead of fixing miscellaneous bugs all the time, I am constantly designing and implementing new features and improving on old ones.  I am very happy to be able to significantly contribute to the future of the software, as instead of patching up previous development, I am creating the work for future patchers to fix! Haha, just kidding.

With the completion of the three dimensional CAD drawings from the last month, it has facilitated many new potential projects, and opened the doors to improvements to other areas of the application.  I am currently working on a Manager-type feature that will organize and enable users to specify options for their drawings, such as colour fill, patterns, line-weight, etc.  Every user at any given time has different goals – this allows them to tailor each project to their needs.

On the Mozilla side of things, I am excited to say that three of my bug fixes have been accepted to the main branch of the Mozilla Firefox project!  You can find two of my contributions here and here.  They were mainly refactoring stories that didn’t require extensive knowledge of the code base – a perfect start for a new developer.  It gave me the opportunity to search the code base to find what I needed while at the same time giving me the foundation and understanding of how code interacts with each other, from the back-end C++ to front-end Javascript.

After a small taste, my hunger has not be satisfied but renewed – I have gladly accepted two more issues touching different areas of the code base.  Off I go!



Passionate computer scientist, avid swimmer, big nerd.

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