Firefox Update & Bash on Windows!

Many things have happened over the last little while – the three dimensional CAD drawing features are moving into testing and finalizing which is always great, especially after spending a lot of time in development.  Fleshing out the minor details and polishing the feature will probably be what I’ll be working on the next week or two.  With the interns from last year heading back to school (they were in the same PEY program as I was), we have fewer people at work.  The torch has been passed to the new interns and I hope to build a friendly relationship with them as well.  As a way to “go out with a bang”, the interns and I went to Canada’s Wonderland for a day of fun on Sunday (I’m pretty close in age to them, so we talk often).  Joking around, screaming our heads off and eating together will be something we remember moving forward.

Developments have been occurring on the Firefox end as well – I have decided to proceed with Visual Studio on Windows as my development environment.  After some searching, it seems there is a tool that is used to create the necessary Visual Studio solution files – it appears a push was made to encourage more Windows-based developers to contribute.  Perfect for myself.  I guess what solidified my decision to pass on the UNIX environment was, well, that Windows 10 received an update allowing Ubuntu to actually run within Windows, granting access to the Bash shell.  This was perfectly timed because now I can quickly execute scripts and use the powerful shell commands that would otherwise be absent in Windows (Cygwin and Powershell seemed to be iffy).  Natively running Ubuntu (my distribution of choice) within Windows gives me the best of both worlds, making it a no-brainer.

I will be moving forward with development on both ends, hoping to do as much as I can!


Passionate computer scientist, avid swimmer, big nerd.

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