Firefox Development

Things have been moving smoothly for me at CAST as we enter into late summer.  The three-dimensional CAD drawings are nearing its completion, but of course I will be putting my code through rigorous tests to ensure robustness.  On the social side, recruiting season is beginning again and all my friends are talking about jobs and school.

A little news about me, this week marks the beginning of my side-project Firefox contributions.  After the work on Jupyter, I was privileged to be introduced to some other skilled Mozilla members who are working on the Telemetry team for Firefox.  I was assigned a task that was mostly refactoring some histogram code for Firefox’s tests.  Starting small, I am really looking forward to get my foot into the door because I have always favored Firefox over other mainstream web browsers for its customizability and efficiency.  Now is my chance to help bring the experience to other users everywhere.

Having the project code in C++ makes me feel a lot more comfortable and confident that I can produce industry-level code.  This week I will working on setting up my environment (still deciding between VS2015 in Windows or Sublime/GDB in Ubuntu 16.04…) and getting the Firefox debug builds working.  So far I can get them to build, but getting the debugger attached is proving to be problematic in Visual Studio so I may switch to Ubuntu after all.  I will update more as I progress in what I see as a wonderful opportunity to make a difference.


Passionate computer scientist, avid swimmer, big nerd.

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