Work Update

So a lot of things have been happening this month especially following up from our recently release.  It’s up on the store now, available to customers!

There was, however, some issues that customers were experiencing with the latest build, so I’ve been hard at work resolving them with the rest of the team.  I didn’t want to write a new post until we had addressed all of the problems and the new product, WYSIWYG R37 Update, was uploaded and made available.  It was unfortunate that we had to make a patch so quickly after releasing the product, but we have definitely looked back and learned from our experiences.

Moving forward, we have shifted gears and started development on our sister product, Vivien 2017.  This software has similar capabilities to our flagship product WYSIWYG, however, it is more geared towards interior designers and event planners as the emphasis is on banquets and arrangements rather than lighting and fixtures.  Personally, I have been continuing work on something that I had started as an intern, which is something that customers have been asking for for quite a while.  As of now, certain objects are drawn as lines within CAD for simplicity, but in real life, they are three-dimensional objects with thickness.  My project is to allow users to see their objects in their full realistic dimensions, which produces more accurately measured sets and arrangements within schematics.  This project is quite challenging as a each object has unique properties, such as thickness and internal angles.  Addressing such objects must be handled carefully in order to not break existing functionality.  The project itself is progressing smoothly and I am learning quite a bit about three-dimensional models.

This was and is a great learning experience that I hope to continue as I move even deeper into the code base.


Passionate computer scientist, avid swimmer, big nerd.

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