What do I do?

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I last wrote.  So what exactly have I been up to?

I don’t think I ever really explained what I do, or what the company does.  CAST Software is a lighting software company out of Etobicoke, Ontario with two main application suites – WYSIWYG/Vivien and Blacktrax.  I am one of 4 developers working on the WYSIWYG and Vivien project.

The software itself is coded in C++ and is used primarily by lighting designers and event planners to create schematics, hook up lights, and pre-visualize their shows or venues virtually.  It is a full all-in-one suite that includes CAD (computer-aided design), documentation (reports, spreadsheets), lighting console hook-ups and much more.  Users can save tens to hundreds of hours preparing and planning their shows on a computer and once everything looks the way they want, they can replicate it at the actual venue with physical equipment.  The name, WYSIWYG, is an acronym for what the software provides – a “what you see is what you get” approach to lighting design.

With WYSIWYG‘s nearing release at the end of June, we have been trying to pump out as many refinements as possible.  We got some useful BETA tester feedback in and have doing our best to implement the things that our users want.  In every industry and especially the lighting industry, it is very important that we keep our customers satisfied.  While I cannot divulge information specific to the coming release, I can say that much of the software has been “cleaned-up” and many of the heavily-used areas should feel more robust and flexible.  It has definitely come a long way since I first started working here 2 years ago as an intern.



Passionate computer scientist, avid swimmer, big nerd.

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