Science and Engineering Emmy 2015

Wow!  The software suite that I spent my 16 month internship working on has won a prestigious award!

“CAST Software received their second Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award for wysiwyg in the Pre-Production Visualization System category of the 2015 Technology and Engineering Achievement Awards” –

The particular revision of the software, WYSIWYG R35, was the application in which my main project as an intern, Fixture Attribute Layout Templates, debuted.  At the time we only had roughly 4 or 5 developers actively working on it.  You may have noticed that it says that CAST won its second Emmy.  To clarify, WYSIWYG won its first award in 2001, which was 14 years ago.  For a software suite to resurface and claim the prize after such a long period of time is symbolic of something great – something great about our work.  The important thing now is to not let this get to our heads – we must focus on continuing to provide the quality software that has brought many smiles to users everywhere.


Passionate computer scientist, avid swimmer, big nerd.

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