First week ends

One week in and I feel like I’ve already adjusted at my new workplace.  Things are very similar to the way they were when I was an intern, except the environment is more lively and friendly-feeling.  I feel this is related to the increased number of new interns compared to previously.  The lighting in the building is much brighter so it doesn’t feel like we’re stuck in a dungeon either, which is great!

As for work, I’ve been able to tackle the 20-year-old code base using the same tools as before – Visual Studio 2012 with C++ – and frankly it feels kind of nostalgic seeing how the code has evolved over the last year and a half.  Seeing features that were once hard to understand are now documented, commented and re-factored – shows signs of scalability and maintainability.

Many of the specific challenges I overcame this week had to do with a third-party library we use not functioning as expected after updating the version.  Some of the toolbars we had in our application were perfectly centred and formatted correctly when icon sizes were changed by the user, however with the new version of the library, the alignment was lost.  I narrowed it down to a series of lines in the library that specifically set the icons to be centre-aligned (which is desired and intended) but then in an attempt to top-align the combo boxes, accidentally top-aligned the icons again (!).  Changing the variable to specify the combo boxes fixed two issues at once (the top-aligned icons and the unaligned combo boxes).  We then submitted a bug report to the library staff who accepted it and will add it into their commercial release.

Definitely a great first albeit short week due to Victoria Day, but I look forward to many more to come.


Passionate computer scientist, avid swimmer, big nerd.

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