Work begins

I have officially (re)started my software development job at CAST Software.  There are many new faces but I’m confident that everyone will continue to be friendly – the company has always been a close-knit group of people.

Today was a quick ramp-up session, but since I am already familiar with the code base I jumped into my first two bugs which were fairly minor.  Off to a good start – my hands remember all the Visual Studio shortcuts even if my brain does not.

Eight hours later, I’m back at home headphones on and my Ubuntu VM running.  I said I would continue working with Mozilla on open-source software following my Capstone project and I did mean that.  Today I addressed an issue that a user had reported – it’s nice to see people actually using our work!  The problem was that while using our GitHub Gist extension for Jupyter, it was confusing and difficult to get running – ambiguous error messages plaguing the terminal.  I removed the incorrect error messages and cleaned up by the storage of OAuth credentials to provide a smoother experience.

By isolating the location of the credentials to its own file loaded on start-up, all unrelated Jupyter code will continue to run as expected without any interference from our add-on (previously we stored the GitHub information in a file used in many aspects of the software).  Modularity is key.  I eagerly await some feedback and if I get the green light, I can start on the next feature!


Passionate computer scientist, avid swimmer, big nerd.

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