Graduation Trip

Wow, we’re already midway through May!

Over the last week and a half I was traveling to Las Vegas and San Francisco as part of my last dose of freedom before settling down and getting to work.  I will be working at a company called CAST Software (where I did my 16 month PEY internship) as a Software Developer.  Most of my blog entries moving forward will be discussing problems and interesting experiences I encounter while working there.

I suppose you could say that the trip to the west was bittersweet – I visited the headquarters of some of the companies I applied to but could not make ends meet.  However I will stay tenacious and ensure that next time I will be ready for whatever they throw at me.

That isn’t to say I am displeased with my current job.  I will remain in the city I know and love, working with people I know and respect, doing work that is fun, challenging and interesting.  But one day I will move on, as will everybody early in their careers.


Passionate computer scientist, avid swimmer, big nerd.

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